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In what languages do you offer your sessions?
Whats is the purpose of your sessions?

The purpose of any session with me is a deep-dive exploration into who you are and your life purpose. We will seek meaning to the circumstances of your interpersonal relationships, the work that you do, and what you are being called to do.

Whats is the best way to formulate questions?
  • Phrasing your question in a way that is open-ended will allow for the greatest freedom in the interpretation of your reading. For example, “What guidance can you give me about x…” or “What can I expect from y…”
  • Yes or no questions will give more specific answers, but can also lose some nuance on deeper issues
  • Formulate your question to be about yourself, not another person
  • The more information you can give about your situation the better
  • If you are not sure how to formulate your question, just ask and I can help you to hone and clarify it
  • If you’d rather not ask a question, that is fine too! I can do a general reading – just remember that the more information I have, the more specific my interpretation and guidance will be
What is your approach to divination?

As a general policy, I do not engage in fortune-telling (which means I do not predict exact dates or names, I do not find lost items or people, lottery numbers, death date, etc). I do not use Tarot and Numerology to see what we should not see. Rather, I use Tarot and Numerology to help us see what we should see clearer.


You may think you know your personal story, but oftentimes we are too close and too biased. A reading with me tells your story back to you so that you might look at that story from a different point of view. I use divination the way one might use a lantern– holding it up by your side so that it might illuminate your path.

How often should I have a reading?

As often as guided, required, and when truly needed.


Readings/Sessions are sacred space and should be treated as such. Some clients get readings on special occasions, once a month, or only when pressing matters are at hand. As a general rule, I will not read for someone more than once a week. Reason being that you need time to process information and things need to unfold at their own pace. If of course there is an emergency, I may be able to fit you in. Although if it is a major emergency,  please seek a professional doctor, lawyer, etc to help you with what is needed.

Why the disclaimer ``For Entertainment Purposes Only``?

In certain jurisdictions, a reader engaged in practices that legally fall under the scope of “fortune telling or divination” is required to disclose to you that such readings should be for entertainment purposes only, and if such a law applies to your reading, then you are hereby on notice thereof. That being said, divination is a form of my personal spiritual expression that I take very seriously, and I will approach your reading session with the reverence and care I approach all sacred arts. So while I encourage you to treat what I say as being for entertainment purposes only, know that from my end, I do not treat it as entertainment, and for me, it is an expression of my personal beliefs and my faith.


I take my moral obligation to you seriously. Irrespective of the law, I treat my spiritual connection with you with reverence, faith, and integrity.

How your sessions are held?

Currently, my sessions are held via Phone Call, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Google Meet. Basically, I’m accessible from any country.


Don’t worry about the time zone differences: for your convenience, as you schedule your session, you will have the option to set your time zone.

Can I invite family members or friends to my session?

Your session should be an individual and personal experience, so I kindly ask you to do not invite others to your session.

How do you treat the personal information I disclose to you?
What's your cancelation and refund policy?
Can you provide a summary of my session?

Once your session is finished, I invite you to explore the messages further through journaling, or meditation, or any other practice of introspection.


Please, note that I won’t be able to provide follow-up notes, summaries, or any other written/verbal recaps of your session.

Can you answer follow up questions after my session?

All sessions are given the utmost care and attention. I am happy to discuss your reading with you in detail during our time together, however, when your session is done, any additional question will be considered a new order and must be placed through this website. If you want to explore something further, you are welcome to book another session with me – It will be a pleasure to serve you!

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