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“I was initially a bit hesitant to book a Tarot reading, but once it started, I quickly realized I had nothing to worry about. I came to the session with a mind full of questions and conflicts, but Fernanda, with an intuitive reading and a calm and personable approach, helped me to get a feeling of clarity and peace about some key decisions in my life.”

Lisa S.

New York, United States

"During my sessions with Fernanda, I felt so deeply held, honored, and listened to. I gained the courage to move forward with important changes I've been wanting to make in my life. I'm finally listening to my soul's calling (instead of my fears) and starting the new career path that I've been dreaming about."

Amanda P.

Georgia, Unites States

"I started my year off beautifully with an amazing reading from Fernanda. She is a truly intuitive and a deep, knowledgable soul full of wisdom. Her work is so clear and transformational! Thank you so much."

Olivia S.

Hawaii, Unites States

"Being an immigrant triggered my anxiety and fear. During my reading with Fernanda, I felt completely discovered, seen and understood, without having my boundaries encroached upon. Her insights are intuitive, yet logically expressed. I'm beyond grateful for my reading with her."

Maria F.

New York, United States

"Years of therapy in one hour. My soul said "yes" in agreement with every word that was spoken during my reading with Fernanda. She's amazing and I am so grateful for our experience last session. Her ability to connect and express her intuitions is truly life-changing."

James L.

Sydney, Australia

"I experienced the most incredible reading I've ever had with Fernanda. I felt so free, empowered and connected - it blew my mind! Thank you, Fernanda - for your healing gifts and your magical, empowering words. So needed to hear them."

Liam W.

North Carolina, United States

"A reading with Fernanda calmed my anxious mind with reassurance about my current state, and also gave me such wonderful insight into ways to heal and grow. I found pathways to focus on in order to improve myself and my life."

Isabella S.

Louisiana, United States

"Fernanda has done quite a few Tarot readings for me - all acutely insightful, accurate, and wise. She is the real deal, a gifted reader, articulated and perceptive. My sessions with her were invaluable in navigating some tricky life decisions, and I am profoundly grateful for the help she has given to me. I cannot recommend her services highly enough."

Kimberly T.

Illinois, United States

She is exceptional with the cards and gave me a very clear reading. I usually am not a believer in such services, but with Fernanda, she made me truly a believer. Her reading gave me peace of mind and actually foretold me things that eventually happened and unfolded in my life later on. I would recommend her to anyone who might be seeking guidance or just some clarity on anything in their lives.”

Latisha J.

Georgia, Unites States

"Fernanda is a great Intuitive healer and Tarot reader. She is kind and compassionate. I came to her several months ago with a sad issue that shook me. She not only read the cards, but she was also kind enough to give me her intuitive insights and those were tremendously helpful. Since then, I got a reading with her every month. Fernanda's ability to read the cards is a testimonial of her abilities to channel the divine in her. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed."

Carla A.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Fernanda is amazing. Her readings go beyond the superficial. She digs deep and tells you what the cards say and the work you need to do to get where you want and need to be. It's like a super energized therapy session. Loved her and will book a new session next month. I highly recommend her."

Renata L.

Massachusetts, United States

"Reading was spot-on and well thought out. I learned a lot from my reading and am putting things from it into practice and finding lots of benefit by doing so. Great reader, totally recommend her!"

Beatriz C.

Lisbon, Portugal

"Fernanda has a beautiful soul and helped me get through very troubling times. I warmly recommend approaching tarot and her with open heart and mind. I made the purchase out of curiosity. Wasn't sure what I would find out, but all I can say is give it a try. She is so gifted and so caring. There wasn't one detail she didn't nail. Loved her!"

Mariana D.

São Paulo, Brazil

"Fernanda's reading offered some insight and reminders to me on my personal creative and career journey that I have not articulated or knew how to speak about with myself on a deeper level. Her reading and manner of delivering the messages and words were very sincere and full of compassion."

Noah. J.

Colorado, United States

"I would recommend Fernanda to anyone that is interested in gaining a new perspective with regards to the Tarot, be it a life-long believer, or a hardened skeptic – you won't be disappointed.”

Johanna A.

Berlin, Germany

“Fernanda is a truly gifted Tarot reader who thoughtfully engages with the mystery of the Tarot. She possesses the unique ability to understand the underlying meanings of the cards and how they are connected through her extensive knowledge base and the power of intuition. Fernanda will help you to understand the relevant issues at hand from all angles and provide you with great insight into what you need to know in order to move forward. My session with her was really inspiring.”

Martina T.

Rome, Italy

“I recommend Fernanda’s readings to everyone. It's an in-depth opportunity to gain clarity on any matter. The reading quality was way beyond I expected.”

Mark J.

London, United Kingdom

“I received a wonderful reading from Fernanda. It was thoughtful, well structured, concise and really helped me identify some areas for healing. She has such a healing way about her, and her approach to the cards is loving and compassionate. I highly recommend a reading!”

Ellen B.

California, United States
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